About Us

We love to grow and sell microgreens.

Hi, we’re Melony and Dave Bencetti, and we’re the growers behind Waikato Microgreens.

We live in Matamata, a gorgeous area of New Zealand known by many as ‘Hobbiton’, and we love it here. We have not regretted our move even once!

Our home shares land with our microgreen grow-house, so every morning we get up with the sun and head outside, our two little dogs (Riley and Max) at our heels, to tend to our growing micro greens.

Our business story technically begins in September of 2019, but really, we’d been building towards this way of life since well before that. We’ve been together for many years now, and every time we talked about what our ideal life would be like, we talked about moving to the countryside and starting our own vertical farm.

The Seed

We’re both city mice, having lived in Auckland for over a decade before finally embarking to greener pastures. Of course, as people do, we put off our dreams in favour of work, our kids, and our responsibilities in the city.

Then, one day, we just decided to leap into our dream. We began by selling our Auckland home, navigating some stumbling blocks with the move, and finally arriving at our new Matamata home.


Of course, then COVID-19 struck the world. It was a set back because all construction came to a halt…no grow-house for months! But with determination, sweat and more patience than we thought we had, we finally managed to get our Whare Putunga (growhouse) kitted out to grow heaps of living microgreens, in a small space.

Once we got our grow-house going, it was time to experiment with growing methods, timing, materials, and seeds. That year was when we truly discovered the benefits of living the microgreen life. We both struggle with ongoing health issues – my thyroid is a little…no a lot broken and adds to my adrenal fatigue while Dave’s got his own health challenges – and when we introduced microgreens consistently into our diet, we noticed a big change.

No, microgreens haven’t cured us, but they’ve been a contributing factor in building our foundational health back to where it should be. We love what it’s done for us, and we know these nutrient-dense little mighty Waikato greens will do the same for you. When you eat these living greens, you just immediately feel healthier. Even better, you are actually healthier!

Curious about the benefits? Learn more here.

Our Mission

Waikato Microgreens’ Mission is to change the world of microgreens one punnet at a time. We believe that these tiny little greens hold so much power, with forty-times the nutrients of their mature counterparts but such a short growth period. Our goal is to make microgreens accessible to everyone through our delivery and subscription system; from vegans and health-conscious people to whānau looking to get the kids to eat their greens.

To accomplish this mission, we think hard before every step we take, putting our three core values at the forefront of our decision-making every time.

Our Core Values

We all live in Aotearoa, one of the world’s greenest, most lush and verdant places. A green paradise. To us, sustainability means making decisions that will preserve and even improve Aotearoa’s environment. That means we’re actively progressing our packaging, our growth mediums, and our delivery transportation to be as green as we can possibly make it with the resources at hand.
Every single punnet of our microgreens is grown in a pure, isolated environment to keep them clean and strong. Growing microgreens in the right environment is very important. If extra care is not taken, they can pick up pathogens and bacteria easily from their seeds. So, not only do we source the very best seeds in New Zealand for our products, but we also grow in distilled water in a temperature-controlled Whare Putunga.
One half of Waikato Microgreens is Māori - Ngāti Tūwharetoa – and the other half fell in love with Aotearoa the moment she stepped on its shores. As such, we place connection to this land and Aotearoa’s heritage as one of our primary principles. We also want our customers to connect to their bodies and their health through our microgreens, something which we’ve experienced the benefits for ourselves.

Embrace the Waikato Microgreens Way

If you’d like to reap the benefits of our core values, simply order a Korare Sampler to be delivered to your doorstep. It’s a cheap and easy way to access high-quality, nutritious, living food every single week.

As always, if you have any questions about our products, feel free to reach out to us. Visit us at a local Farmers Market – check Facebook for details.


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Our Promise To You

Try our microgreens for 1 week, and if you don’t feel more healthy, alive and full of energy, we will give your money back.

That’s how confident we are that our microgreens can transform more than just your health!

With that said, think about this for a moment:

In your entire life, have you ever had a personal money-back guarantee for food?