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  • Kakano 3 Punnet Tray Matamata-Piako


    These living microgreens, are a healthy and as fresh as we can get them to you. Not only are they tasty, and look good on your food, they provide you and your family with that super nutrition hit.

    This Market Tray (3 variety punnets – Kale, Broccoli, Kohlrabi, Cabbage & Sunflower year round, Amaranth & Radish in the summer months).

    At the checkout, simply select the area for your delivery. Delivery for Matamata-Piako is Fridays.

    It takes 11 days for your microgreens to reach maturity, therefore we will deliver your microgreens on Friday, 2 weeks after your order.

    If you prefer a more regular delivery option (weekly/fortnightly), with the ability to choose your varieties, consider the subscription option.