Living Foods Delivery

  1. Fill out your personal details.
  2. Choose what you would like us to grow for you.
  3. Select the frequency you would like to receive your delivery.
  4. Submit your order and then you will receive confirmation of the order, and delivery & payment information.
  5. Not sure what to order? The Market Tray is the best option to start with. (Click and Collect at Cambridge Farmer’s Market, or deliver to Matamata only)
  6. But, if that seems too little, start with the Korare Sampler 
  7. We do not deliver Market Trays to areas outside Matamata

Personal Details

If for any reason you do not feel comfortable to complete this order form, and you would like to ask questions about how the order process works, feel free to contact Melony on or contact us via social media or call 022 475 2390.  

If you would like to place an order for a smaller amount of microgreens, please contact Melony, as delivery charges may apply.