We received your order and are excited to start growing for you!

Within the next 24 hours you will receive an email from us, confirming your exact delivery day.

Your invoice will arrive via Xero by email, on the day of your first delivery. Please pay online.

Subsequent subscription deliveries will be automatically billed on delivery day, and the invoice will be sent to you by email.

It takes 2 (two) weeks to grow most orders, but we often have extra produce, so your delivery may start sooner than the date you selected in the subscription form.

Look our for the confirmation email with further details.

¬†You’ll receive a text message the night before your first delivery (and every time thereafter), reminding you to leave a coolie bin out for your living food delivery.

If you’ve received previous deliveries, we will also remind you to put your tray and punnets out to be swopped. We reuse all the trays and punnets to save plastic.

If you have any questions, big or small, please email Melony: melony@pounamuwhama.co.nz