The Ultimate Green Goddess Smoothie Recipe

So many of the microgreens recipes in the online blogosphere demand so much time and effort, but it’s not like we all have hours to spend preparing food every day. After all, there are families to care for, errands to, and microgreens to tend to! So, how are we supposed to make sure we get our daily dose of microgreen nutrients?

The answer is simple: smoothies. A good smoothie is delicious, easy to drink on the fly, and doesn’t take more than five minutes to make. While this delicious concoction doesn’t sport any caffeine, the strong boost of nutrients, chlorophyll, and straight-up flavour will have you raring to go in no time.

Note: If this smoothie ends up a fixture in your diet, I’d highly recommend investing in a quality blender to get the best result.

So, without any further ado, here’s the secret recipe to my Ultimate Green Goddess Smoothie!

Ultimate Green Goddess Smoothie ft. Microgreens

Now, not every microgreen type will blend seamlessly into a smoothie. Rocket, for example, has a little too much spice and tang to fit into such a drink (it would be more at home in a Bloody Mary). So, while you can use almost every microgreen you might have on hand, be aware that it will alter the flavour of your smoothie.

On the other hand, this can lead to some fun and interesting flavour experimentation! Wondering where to buy microgreens? No worries, our Korare Sampler comes with a few different microgreen varieties, including kale, broccoli, or sunflower microgreens (my personal favourites for a smoothie).


  • A hefty handful of spinach.
  • ¾ cup of your preferred milk (dairy, nut, or coconut all work).
  • A handful of frozen mango chunks (substitute kiwifruit, pineapple, or berries if desired).
  • A spotty banana, peeled.
  • A couple handfuls of broccoli, kale, or sunflower microgreens.
  • ¼ cup of water or fruit juice, depending on your preference.
  • A teaspoon of powdered spirulina (optional).
  • A quarter of an avocado (optional).

Feel free to adjust the quantities according to your taste! I find this ratio of greens to fruits delivers a delightfully sweet yet earthy taste, providing a perfect to start to your morning.

If you want a thinner or thicker consistency, change the amount of water (or juice) that you add instead of adjusting the milk. Milk of any kind is a useful vitamin and protein source, one that makes this smoothie into a breakfast rather than a quick snack.


It really doesn’t get any simpler than this! Simply whip out your blender, fill with solid ingredients, then pour the liquid over. Shut the lid, blitz until smooth, and drink cold.

If you’re feeling fancy, pour this gorgeous blend into a shallow bowl and top with your favourite fruits, nuts, and even some grains. You can also trick the kids into getting their nutrients by freezing this smoothie into ice cream moulds! How genius is that?

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